Issue 42

Weather satellites support meteorologists in their daily work. These satellites also provided important weather data during the flood disaster in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia in July 2021 (pictured). Currently, the satellites of the second Meteosat generation (MSG) are orbiting the Earth. The new Meteosat generation has undergone considerable technical development compared to its predecessor. For example, the satellites measure temperature and humidity on the ground and in the atmosphere. Meteorologists determine the wind speed at different altitudes from the movement of the clouds. © EUMETSAT

Interview with the German Weather Service (DWD) about MTG

Dr Köpken-Watts, a weather forecast is based on many different sources of data. Which sources does the German Weather Service (DWD) use and what role do meteorological satellites play?Numerical weather prediction always starts from an analysis of the state of the atmosphere, which incorporates many different measurements. These include various direct observations, known as conventional […]

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